Batch install your tweaks, repos, saved .debs, tweak preferences, and hosts file! All at once, online or offline
Can also remove all tweaks/repos, repack an installed tweak to a .deb, and add a respring/uicache button to each package manager
A real time saver!

Compatible with iOS 11.0+
Works with Cydia, Zebra, Sileo, and Installer on unc0ver, checkra1n, Chimera, and unc0ver dark

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Creating your .deb

  1. Go to the search tab in Cydia, Zebra, Sileo, or Installer
  2. Tap the Batchomatic icon at the top left (steering wheel) and then tap "Create .deb". You choose whether to do online or offline
  3. Done - your custom .deb is at /var/mobile/BatchomaticDebs. Keep it in a safe place like Google Drive

Installing your .deb in the future

  1. Install Batchomatic first
  2. Go to the search tab in your package manager
  3. Tap the Batchomatic icon at the top left (steering wheel) and then tap "Install .deb"
  4. Choose what you want to be installed
  5. Tap "Proceed"

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  1. v4.3.2 - released 06/09/2020

  2. v4.3.1 - released 02/29/2020

  3. v4.3 - released 02/25/2020

  4. v4.2.1 - released 02/09/2020

  5. v4.2 - released 02/02/2020

  6. v4.1.1 - released 11/16/19

  7. v4.1 - released 11/12/19

  8. v4.0 - released 11/05/19

  9. v3.2 - released 08/31/19

  10. v3.1 - released 08/24/19

  11. v3.0.1 - released 08/14/19

  12. v3.0 - released 08/14/19
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